There are people out there who will cater to the whims of the meek and the easily offended. I'm not one of them. I never take myself too seriously and love having fun with fellow nerds regardless of color, creed, or sexual inclination. Unless you wear crocs frequently. But if that's the case then you have other things you should be dealing with right now.
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Anatomy of a page: Edward Scissorhands #1 page 1. Breakdowns, pencils, inks, and colors by Drew Rausch; words by Kate Leth. 

Oh boy, your first look at Edward Scissorhands! I am so nervous and excited, I hope everyone likes it. We’ll have advance copies at NYCC and cover artist Gabriel Rodriguez will be there to sign with me! It seems like yesterday I was making fan comics about Locke and Key. Life is reeeeally cool.