There are people out there who will cater to the whims of the meek and the easily offended. I'm not one of them. I never take myself too seriously and love having fun with fellow nerds regardless of color, creed, or sexual inclination. Unless you wear crocs frequently. But if that's the case then you have other things you should be dealing with right now.
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And you know the best thing about this movie is they could have made Felix be the nice guy, be the understanding guy, the only guy who’s kind to Ralph, but they make him just as prejudiced as the other game characters. He wasn’t mean to Ralph per say, but he wasn’t nice either, and definitely didn’t want to get involved with the trouble that followed Ralph around.

It’s only after Felix gets treated badly himself that he starts looking at how Ralph is treated by others, how Ralph is treated by him and changes his attitude.

Because that’s the thing, you don’t have to be the bad guy to be prejudiced. Sometimes you can be the nice guy who doesn’t do anything for or against, and sometimes that’s just as bad.

This movie. Ugh.

Sometimes I have a hard time grasping the realities of how harsh and horrible the world is for those who suffer under racism and misogyny and how society can’t seem to make progress in social issues.

And then I remember that there are people that will threaten to burn your house down if you reveal which way you have your toilet paper set up.

And I’m just